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In my Spring semester at Cal State East Bay in 2023, Robotics was one of my core subjects, providing me with valuable knowledge and practical experience in working with motors and sensors to create meaningful projects. I was introduced to fundamental concepts of programming and control systems, which are critical in developing autonomous machines. Through hands-on learning, I gained proficiency in programming microcontrollers to control motors and sensors and integrating these components to build functional robots. Throughout the semester, I had the opportunity to apply my learning to real-world scenarios through various projects, further enhancing my understanding of robotics.

Snackbob Walk Hands

Taking inspiration from the Spongebob Squarepants character, I built a walking robot that features a detachable tray on top of its head, which can be used to carry snacks.

Fortune Teller Box

I designed a fortune teller box that utilizes a light sensor, enabling the cup to rotate and deliver a message to the person hovering their hand over it. The users were delighted to receive and read the message provided by the box. To enhance its mystical effect, I painted Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night" over the box.

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